When it comes to playing poker successfully, there are lots of things to take into account. For new players, the amount of things they need to learn can quickly become overwhelming. Focus on learning one thing well, rather then 10 things poorly. If there is one thing you should be researching, then it is how to play position.

Some important things to consider

The first thing to consider is which position is the best and why. Those that are first to act and make a decision are known as players in the early position. This is something in poker that is fact. If you are in early position, you are not in a good position. It doesn’t matter what strategy you use, this is not where you want to be. Why? You have no real information about what other players have. You do not know what other players are going to do. You might want to call, even though the other players know they will raise! You can waste a lot of chips and get caught up in large pots that you really shouldn’t.

Adapting to position

When you play poker, you should have the foundations of a strategy, but not a set strategy. For instance, when you are in early position, you should tighten the range of hands that you play. This means that you should player better hands that you usually do. If you get a hand that you might play on the button, ditch it. The opposite goes for late position/last to act. You play a wider range of hands (a range that includes a lower quality of hands in comparison to if you were in early position).

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