You might be fooled into thinking that you build the perfect strategy and you play it based on pre-fabricated moves. Why is this not true? In poker, the game changes as each hand passes. Your position changes, your opponents have more/less chips, you/they have better/worse cards, the blinds increase, and you get near to the bubble /into the cash and more! All of these factors play a part in changing the way you should play.

Why does stack size really matter?

You need to be extremely careful when it comes to playing with an extremely large/small stack in comparison to the “average” of the field. If you have a big stack, you will be considered a chip bully if you regularly steal blinds. Players will be waiting for a hand to drain all of your chips. If you are a small stack and need to push because of the high blinds, a similar thing will happen. People will call because they will expect you to have a loose range.

So how do you play with a large/small stack?

Most of the top players actually play more cautious but much more aggressive in these scenarios. They know others will assume they have a loose range. So if they have a tight range they are likely to win. On the basis of this information, they can be much more aggressive in an effort to take down a much larger pot. Of course, you need to factor in the players that you are playing. Don’t just look at your chip stack!

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