Poker is an extremely exciting game. Thanks to online poker, it has become incredibly fast paced. You could find yourself playing 5-10 tournaments, all at the same time. Of course, you should only be playing this many tables if you can truly process all the information that you are being given. Poker is a game where information is missing. Those players that are able to fill in the gaps of information and act based on them are the ones that will be the most successful.

 The most common error playing on the bubble

So, what is the most common error? Focusing on cashing and not winning! Let’s assume you enter a $50+$5 tournament. The “cash” point is likely to be somewhere between $75-90 depending on how the tournament is structured. If all you do is “cash” and then go out, you need to cash in well over 50% of your tournaments. So if you are playing tight, just to avoid “bubbling”, you need to have a huge cash rate. Don’t focus on “making the money”, but focus on winning instead.


If you win a tournament, the prize is going to be huge. A $50+$5 tournament with a few thousand players is going to give you thousands and thousands of dollars. Suddenly, the profitable point in your game play is not a 50% cash rate, but on a fraction of 1%. If you regularly get onto the final table, then you won’t be breaking even, but you will actually be profitable, which is the aim of the game!

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