Everest Poker is not necessarily one of the poker rooms that people think of when they play online. For this reason, hey have been experiencing difficulties when it comes to getting their poker room off the ground. They seem to be in the shadow of major rooms such as iPoker but rooms such as 888. The reality is that US players not been accepted is also not going to help. That being said, they offer some of the best online action for those looking for stakes below $10.

Rewards and promotions

Everest Poker has managed to create a data base of loyal players thanks to rewards and promotions. They range in value, but essentially, they are offering one of the best loyalty reward schemes in the business. This is another thing that attracts those playing $10 and below. This means that during peak hours, around 15,000 players can be active at once.


Everest Poker constantly updates the software that it has on offer on a regular basis. Nowadays, their software is functional in 16 different languages, orientated to the European population. Customer support is also available in all these languages. Each update has made this software better and better. This means that the speed, graphics and the range of games on offer is now better than it has ever been.


One thing that many of the smaller poker rooms have been criticised for is not having the high quality range of games that the bigger rooms have. Thanks to various promotions and rewards, the traffic here is high, which means a great range of tournaments on offer is just the normal. Expect great ring games, but also some high quality tournaments for a range of stakes, although they do focus on the lower stakes. The $20, $3000 guarantee is certainly one that is worth looking to, as is the $10 $5,000 guarantee.

The best of Everest

Everest Poker is extremely technologically advanced. It has incorporated some of the best features to enable it to create high traffic, but also to sustain it. By offer some great tournament guarantees, yet a great range of tournaments at the same time, they are able to provide players with exactly what they want. For Europeans it is appealing as it is a website that has been focused on them, rather than many other websites that focus on US players. Overall, it is a top poker room worth investigating.

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