No Limit Texas Holdem is by far one of the most popular poker games around today and the All-in bet is a strategy that people tend to use most in this game. When you go all-in, you are basically risking everything you have and putting all your chips into the pot. You have to be careful when making this play particularly if your opponent has more chips than you since you will lose the game if you do go all-in and you lose.

All it takes is losing one hand of cards that you go all-in on and you are out of the game before you even really begin it. Many players miss opportunities to play out bets that have been placed strategically and therefore miss out on what could have been a winning game for them. Below are 5 tips that will help you to understand when you should indeed go all-in and when you should not.

  1. Do not become too predictable and only go all-in when you’re feeling courageous enough to do so; your opponents will be begin to see right through this and will simply fold each time you go all-in.
  2. The best time to go all-in is when you are sure your opponent is ready to fold.
  3. Do not try to bluff your way into an all-in play. It is a good idea to actually have a hand that you can work with. It does not have to be the best hand around, but it should be something you can play with and have a chance of making it.
  4. Unless the hand you were dealt with is unbeatable, a short stack of chips is not the time to go all-in. You will end up out of the tournament if you lose. Having a big stack will raise your chances of getting called.
  5. Getting your opponents to fold can be simple if you are an able chip leader and they will end up losing all their chips when you go all-in while you will only lose a few.

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