888 Poker enjoys a huge surge in popularity. One of the reasons for their rise in popularity includes their recent upgrade in game software, which fixes network issues and offers better UI to gamers. Owing to this reason, the site has recently been in top five best poker rooms run all over the world. Similarly, as for Titan Poker, it is considered as the strongest contenders for offering best prizes in online poker gaming. Moreover, its software has increased extensibility to reach millions of people from different regions world over owing to its availability in multiple languages.


888 Poker games differ from Titan Poker in terms of tournaments that they conduct. Apart from using different tournament names, these gaming sites also provide different prizes. A player earning X value in one tournament may not earn the same value in other tournaments. Moreover, apart from cash prizes, the stakes involved differ as well. In fact, a common trend that both gaming sites follow is that the prize amount is proportional to the stakes it carries. Hence, with increasing stakes, the value of prize increases as well.

As for 888 Poker games, they allot you a sum of $400 bonus to start your game. On contrary, Titan Poker offers five times more that is $2000 bonus to kick off your game. Indeed, you get more prizes to win with increased number of stakes you put in. However, over a long haul, both games match the level of expectations which every gamer has.


In case of traffic trends, both show unmatchable and unbeatable trend of traffic. 888 Poker players experience a faster game than most ordinary country club games. In fact, at peak hours, for every person you lose, you get two more entering the rooms. Hence, there is rarely a chance that you will meet up with any misfortune of having no one to play with. Moreover, unlike ordinary poker games played at local clubs, 888 Poker offers a quicker interface as well as faster move and results making quick rounds of play. Hence, there is never any queue of players waiting for others to join.

Moreover, Titan Poker allows you to choose players based on the region they come from. Hence, in case you are interested to play with players from a particular region or country, then you may simply join a game played under that category. It never takes a difficult choice to make, particularly when you want to play with the players of your choice. With increased UI friendliness, Titan Poker helps in creating more players and customizable rooms. In addition, owing to their large sum of free deposit play, people seem to plunge in from every corner of world.


Both the sites provide good entertainment, but 888 Poker is the most comprehensive with many features that other sites lack. It has a cutting edge technology and a team that provides 24 x 7 back up for any query from the players.

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