poker deadPoker is really a game in continuous development, and 2014 was an additional year of development for our preferred game. From the games which were played to the ways all of us viewed it, it was another powerful year for the game of poker both on the web and live.

The Boom of Chinese Poker

It is not likely that you will see a day within the next couple of decades where Texas Hold’em is not the most famous poker game on the planet. However that does not imply that other games have been relegated towards the sidelines. If you are interestd in Chinese poker or other poker variants then you should take a look at the top poker sites of 2015.

Recently, Omaha has definitely developed in reputation, and much more recently, Open Face Chinese Poker or otherwise known as OFC continues to be seeing increasingly more attention, particularly from high-stakes gamers who are searching for a brand new way to bring on action.

OFC is actually played really differently compared to most types of poker; players slowly are dealt thirteen cards that they have to make 3 hands (one with just 3 cards) that needs to be ranked within a particular order.

Players obtain points against their competitors through winning hands, along with having particularly strong hands in the correct spots. For example 888 poker has a great loyalty program. What this means is the overall game can be quite swingy, as a few large hands can be really worth lots of points (and lots of cash).

However, once limited to the exclusive arena of high-stakes side games, the year 2014 saw OFC adopted by a much broader audience. Numerous applications have permitted poker gamers of all stakes levels to enhance their OFC abilities whenever they want to, and more competitions are being held for the game at poker fairs all over the world.

Just in Dec, Jennifer Shahade received the biggest OFC competition ever played, winning a whopping €100,000 or USD $123, 000 reward by coming in first in a crowd of twenty three players.

The competition proved extremely favored by online viewers too, meaning we can most likely anticipate a lot more OFC competitions in 2015.

Spin and Go Competitions Rule the Online Universe

Lottery sit and go competitions were developed back in the year of 2013, when Winamax started providing the unique competitions in France. These types of events permitted 3 gamers to compete within a hyper-turbo format where the reward pool would not be known until the competition started.

Usually, the champion would collect just two times what they put in in order to enter; on rare events, they might win as much as 1, 000 times their own buy-in instead.

The lottery format joined the mainstream in the year of 2014, as increasingly more websites released their very own variations of these games that proved extremely well-liked by leisure players.

The biggest success came in July, when PokerStars released their own edition, Spin & Go competitions, on their segregated website in Spain. Later on, the actual games transferred to all PokerStars customers globally.

Once more, the competitions have proven extremely popular with informal players; however regulars have questioned whether or not these types of games are eliminating some other tournament types that they depend on for their earnings.

Streaming Broadcasts Motivate Crowds of People

If you are searching for the next big growth method for the marketing of poker, then you can look no further than the new Twitch TV.

The website, used mainly to stream broadcasts of video gaming, cleared up their policies in the year of 2014 to permit gamers to show off their own real cash poker exploits, with the exception they were not breaking any kind of regulations along the way.

Perhaps the very first gamer to take complete advantage of it was Jason Somerville, who transferred his well-known Run It Up collection to Twitch as well as found himself bringing in 10,000+ excited viewers to view him playing on Nevada’s regulated poker websites.

Other notable gamers such as Randy “nanonoko” Lew also have discovered streaming success, and the format has additionally created stars of leisure players such as Kai “stickyrice1” McMinn, who had huge ups and downs that captivated the poker community as well as non-players.

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